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OUR CHILDHOOD SUCKED is a collaborative theatrical experiment that began in September 2020. The team is composed entirely of marginalized theater-makers including Ezra Brain, Ludmila Brito, Stephanie Fongheiser, Talia Frank-Stempel, Daniel Kunkel, Danielle Phillips, Alizae Powell, & SMJ. 


We have been conditioned all our lives that we have to look, dress, stand, act, speak, breathe and write in a certain way in order to advance our careers. In the theater and entertainment world, these things are even more heightened and happen more often than people really understand. 


Pop culture and media have a HUGE impact on what we normalize as a society. This show addresses exactly that process of purging ourselves from the toxic traits that were shown to us. By confronting this, we start the healing process and hope to inspire many others who are currently repeating to themselves the harmful narratives that were infused into our system from the start of our lives. 


Together, we created OUR CHILDHOOD SUCKED, a theater project that is part play, part podcast, and part audio drama.



If you want to financially support the development of OUR CHILDHOOD SUCKED, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $2,000 for our Tank performance and future in-person workshops. 

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Five former teen stars are invited back for a Disney+ reunion special and the pilot for the reboot of the show they made famous, Dating Academy. However, through s’mores, script readings, identical twins, and an ominous church set, they discover that something more sinister (and exploitative) may be awaiting them

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